7th Grader Pens Brilliant Response To Trump Supporter About This Yard Sign

People are talking about a 7th grader’s response to his mean neighbor.

Trump supporter John Natale was so incensed by an anti-hate yard sign in his neighbors yard, he wrote a letter to his local newspaper complaining about it – and then the most glorious thing happened. A seventh grader by the name of Luke Macannuco wrote a brilliant (viral) response.

Angry Natale complained there was no need for the sign that read in part: “Hate Has No home Here.” He complained the “snowflakes” who posted the sign were stirring up hate.

Macannuco saw Natale’s tirade and penned a letter of his own to the editor which was also published in the Winchester Star. ACLU Legal Director Matthew Segal saw Macannuco’s eloquent rebuttal and tweeted it. The post was met with loud cheers on social media – for good reason.

Macannuco explained to Natale that the signs were intended to reassure minorities who live in their community that there are people who support them and have their backs, and that not everyone holds the same opinions of the Trump administration.

Each of Natale’s questions were answered by the badass seventh grader:

  1. Question: “Who are the haters that you, the sign owner, are referring to?” Answer: Bigots who are trying to take away protections for transgender students, deport refugees and build a very expensive wall to keep illegal immigrants out (which is completely pointless and not helping your cause, but I digress).

  2. Question: “What, or whom, do the haters hate?” Answer: Perfectly innocent human beings who happen to be different from the haters.

  3. Question: “What is the evidence that there is significant hate in our community?” Answer: Me getting called homosexual slurs by students and adults alike.

  4. Question: “Obviously, you are so morally superior that you may declare everyone who disagrees with you a hater (side note: this first part is a statement, not a question). Where, when, and how did you become the Lord High Decider of Morality?” Answer: Never. We just put a lawn sign down. Calm down, dude.

Macannuco’s letter ended perfectly:

“Also, Mr. Natale, if you’re going to ask us to do you a favor and take the signs down, do humanity a favor and take your Trump signs down. Finally, if you are going to say signs exhibit “snowflake sensitivity,” take a moment to think about how you are writing an angry letter to a newspaper about a lawn sign.”

Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

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