Hilarious Flashback: Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator – Video

These days, there’s not much to laugh about, what with the Orange Scourge embarrassing us in front of the entire world. Not to mention potentially starting World War III with a little podunk country like North Korea as the flash point.

I mean, let’s face it, Donald Trump has people thinking George W. Bush wasn’t so bad. Even Richard Nixon looks good compared to President Who Knew?! It’s left a lot of us longing for the days when we had a real president in the White House instead of an inept pretender surrounded by a plethora of inept pretenders.

In this video, President Obama makes reference to sometimes having differences with the press, but I’m pretty sure his differences were a far cry from The Donald’s charge of FAKE NEWS! It’s no surprise that the Orange Scourge opted out of facing the press he demonizes. And really, can you even imagine Trump up there trying to be funny? Because he would be TRYING – and failing. After all, to be funny, one must start with a sense of humor. It also helps to have a vocabulary of more than 50 words.

One can say what one wants about Barack Obama, but it’s a fact that the man has a great sense of humor; and nowhere was it on fuller display than at the White House Correspondents Dinner. During the 2015 event, President Obama brought out Luther, his anger translator. What followed was pure comedy poetry.

Those were the good old days!

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Ann Werner

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Ann Werner