Epic Smackdown Of A GOP Congressman During A Town Hall – Video

Photo credit: Screen capture ABC News

The House is on recess this week and representatives are in their home districts. GOP representatives are facing some very angry constituents.

Unlike many of his colleagues who hide from the ire of their constituents, Tom MacArthur of New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district held a town hall. You’ve got to give him credit for that. But he entered the lion’s den when he did so. MacArthur got an earful from an impassioned voter regarding his sponsoring of and vote for the disastrous GOP healthcare plan.

Starting with a preamble about MacArthur’s broken promises, the man stopped to take a breath when MacArthur jumped in and asked, “What’s your question?” And that was the WRONG thing to ask.

His answer began as follows:

“Oh, we haven’t even begun. I’m not done with you yet! I got the mic and I’m not going anywhere. Turn off the power and I’ve got a very loud voice! This ain’t over yet!”

What followed is one of the most epic smackdowns you will ever see in a town hall – or anywhere.

This is what democracy looks like, GOP, like it or not. May it survive.

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