Trump Voters Wish They’d Elected Hillary – New Poll

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Quinnipiac Poll showing Trump’s numbers heading south. Well, they’ve taken another disastrous nosedive; and this time, it’s more than people just don’t like him. They want him gone.

Trump’s base is deserting him. In the latest PPP Poll released on Tuesday, 49 percent vs. 41 percent of Americans wish that Hillary Clinton had won in the November election. Even worse, 10 percent of Trump voters are experiencing buyer’s remorse and wish they’d voted for “Crooked” Hillary.

Even worse than that, 12 percent of Trump voters are in favor of impeachment. Across the board, 48 percent of Americans support impeachment, while 41 percent reject the idea.

Although Trump and his minions keep insisting there is no there there, the American people support an independent investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal by a whopping margin of 62 to 28 percent. Respondents indicated that if collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is proved true, 54 percent feel he must resign, while 34 percent think he should remain in office. You’ve got to wonder who in the hell that 34 percent is – maybe Trump, Putin and their relatives?

The bad odor emanating from the White House is also belching on Congressional Republicans. Last week’s poll showed Democrats leading a generic congressional ballot by 16 points. That’s enough to overcome the structural advantages the GOP enjoys.

A month ago, PPP polling had Democrats up by 6 points. Now they’re up by 11. Among voters who are “excited” to vote in 2018, the Democratic advantage rises to an unstoppable 27 points.

With all eyes on the national elections, it’s a good time to remind people that the real work to be done is in the down ballot elections. I’m not talking Congress. I’m talking state and local offices. Not sexy, I know, but extremely important. The reason Trump won with nearly 3 millions votes less than Clinton is because of our broken system. The majority of states now are headed by Republican governors and have Republican led legislatures. They are the people who, for the most part, get to draw redistricting lines. Those lines are drawn every ten years after the census has been taken. In order to finally break the gridlock in Washington, Democrats need to not just take back the presidency, House and Senate; they need to win gubernatorial and mayoral races, as well as seats in state legislatures. If this doesn’t happen, and Republicans manage to retain power in the states, things will likely stay the same. Makes those down ballot races a bit sexier, don’t you think?

I’ll take this opportunity to plug a book other than my own. If you don’t understand our broken electoral system, how it got that way and how it works, then Ratf**cked: The True Story Behind the Secret Pan To Destroy America’s Democracy is required reading.

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