Morning Joe Pronounces Trump Stupid

Comparing Donald Trump unfavorably to Chauncey Gardner, the character in the movie Being There and Lloyd Christmas, the goofy character in Dumb and Dumber, Joe Scarborough went on full frontal attack against Donald Trump.

In a segment about Trump’s visit to Israel and his leak of classified intelligence to the Russians, Joe and Mika noted that the president admitted the leak but said he never mentioned Israel, even though no one ever said he mentioned that country.

Scarborough started with this query to guest Mike Barnicle:

“If you are scoring at home and you’re trying to figure out – trying to divide the actions between malicious and just plain out stupid, you can put this on the stupid side. This is like the husband that runs down to the police station and says, ‘Hey, hey, hey, my wife’s missing and it’s not my gun that’s at the bottom of the pond at the back of my house by her body;’ and the police are like ‘Hold one second, we’re going to cuff you to the radiator here and go check your pond.’”

“Admitting to something that nobody charged him of and yet, in so doing, revealed himself as the jackass that leaked top secret Israeli intel – by the way – intel about somebody on the inside of a terror organization that killed twenty little girls and their mothers last night.”

After Barnacle answered, noting that Trump had just publicly identified the origin of the intel as Israel, Scarborough continued his scathing assessment.

“By the way, Mike, let me ask you again on the malicious or stupid scale, again, file that under just plain stupid. Do you know anybody of driving age that does not know that Israel is in the Middle East? How can you be 70 years old – almost 71 years old – president of the United States, and not know that Israel is in the Middle East?”

Talking about Trump’s efforts to quash the investigation into the Russia scandal, Scarborough had this to say:

“Maybe where there’s smoke there’s not fire, but I think Bob Mueller and most of the people in the FBI understand you would not put yourself in this much political jeopardy; you would not break every norm of Washington; you would not brag on national television about killing an investigation that was putting pressure on you unless you had something to hide and unless you weren’t, quite frankly, very intelligent.”

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