#BondTrumpBond Takes The Internet By Storm – And It’s Hilarious

You may recall “Bond, James Bond” from the movies. In light of Trump’s leak of intelligence information the hashtag #BondTrumpBond is trending on Twitter today.

While the Trump administration finds itself mired in scandal after scandal these days the good people over at Huffington Post Comedy have kicked of a Twitter Storm using the hashtag #BondTrumpBond.

As Huffington Post reports, “When you think President Trump, ‘intelligence’ maybe isn’t the first thing to pop into your head ― UNTIL NOW.”

Reporting on the campaign, MediaIte reports that: “The good folks at Huffington Post Comedy are at it again. You’ll recall their Stupor Tuesday efforts, which brought funny hashtag games to the Twitter-loving masses during election season.”

Continuing, they added: “Today, they jumped back in the fray with #BondTrumpBond, a hashtag prompt designed to insert our president into some situation reminiscent of a certain spy.”

The festivities kicked off at 2pm Eastern with the following tweet:

He does everything with style and intelligence. Classified intelligence. He’s . Let’s play!

Below are a few favorites:

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