Donald Trump Skips Saudi Event Because He Was Exhausted – Video

Photo credit: Independent U.K. video screen capture

Two measly days into his first trip out of the country, Donald Trump didn’t have the energy to attend a scheduled event in Saudi Arabia.

Yep, he sent in daughter Ivanka to speak in his stead at the “tweeps” forum in Riyadh to discuss combating extremism on social media. How do we know it was exhaustion? A White House official said so.

From the Independent U.K.

A White House official was asked by reporters why Mr. Trump had deviated from his prepared speech earlier that day to Muslim leaders about fighting Islamist terrorism.

‘Just an exhausted guy,’ she said.

Remember when Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for her “lack of stamina?” Turned out that she was suffering from walking pneumonia in the midst of a presidential campaign and it was the anniversary of September 11. She didn’t want to miss the ceremony for a lot of reasons. Unwise to come out when she was so sick? Perhaps. But just a few days later she was out on the trail again, fit as a fiddle and ready to rumble.

Hillary Clinton traveled almost a million miles during her tenure as Secretary of State. Sure, she looked bedraggled at times. Who wouldn’t? But she always showed up to do her job. Donald Trump, on the other hand, the man who doesn’t exercise because he thinks that we are born with a finite amount of energy and exercise uses it up, and whose 6 favorite foods are heart attack specials, lacks the energy to go for two days before sending in the first daughter to do his job.

Oh and by the way, remember also when Trump criticized Michele Obama for not wearing a headscarf when she and President Obama visited Saudi Arabia? Yeah, well, neither did Ivanka or Melania Trump. As a matter of fact, Trump had a lot to say a few years ago about the Saudis and what moochers they are.

He’s singing a different tune now. He’s also trying to ratchet up tensions between Iran and the Saudis – as evidenced in this video, where his exhaustion is on full display.


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