Flynn To Russian Ambassador “We’ve Got Your Back”- Video

Michael Flynn (30020745053)

Despite a warning on November 10 directly from President Obama regarding Michael Flynn, Donald Trump stuck with the now disgraced former National Security Advisor. And, as we already know, Sally Yates offered another pointed warning regarding Flynn that was also ignored.

Now why would Trump ignore those warnings? Not too hard to figure out. Trump is a traitor who has been in bed with Putin. It served his purpose to have the interference. It won him the election.

NBC analyst Jeremy Bash, who was the former Chief of Staff at both the Defense Department and the CIA, reports that facts appear to show that Flynn told Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak “We’ve got your back”  regarding the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration in retaliation for the Russian interference in the election.

“It appears now Gen. Flynn told the [Russian] ambassador, ‘Hey, don’t worry about these sanctions that are being imposed today, we got your back, we’re going to give you a pass for meddling in the 2016 election,’” Bash explained. “It shows exactly the kind of leverage that the Russian federation had over the incoming team or at least they thought they had over the incoming team.”

“And it goes to what leverage does the Russian federation have over U.S. foreign policy decision making even today?” he continued. “If the national security adviser is telling Russians, ‘Don’t worry, we got your back,’ and then he’s covering his tracks by not even telling the vice president or the other people inside the White House about it, that is a huge problem.”

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