Fox Reporter Bolts After Voter Blames Comey Firing On Trump/Russia Scandal – Video 

Fox & Friends reporter Griff Jenkins interviewed a Maryland voter about Donald Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey and it didn’t end well.

Jenkins abruptly ended the interview after it was suggested that Comey was fired because of a Trump/Russia cover-up.

“What do you make of what’s happening in the country right now and President Trump’s leadership?” Jenkins asked the man.

“I think people are starting to care now, and realize we’ve got some pretty weak promises made by somebody who doesn’t understand we’re not in the golf business, and we’re not building buildings. He’s working for me now.”

“What do you make of the firing?” Jenkins asked.

“I think it should have been done much earlier,” the diner opined. “I think — not to be too Machiavellian about it — why does it take such a long time for these guys to arrive at this conclusion. Is it because we’re getting too tight in finding out too much information linked to [Vladimir Putin]?”

“Well, we’re tight on time,” Jenkins said as he ran away to another table.

Oh silly Foxbots, you can run but you can’t hide.

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