French President Fills Cabinet With Women – Proves He’s A Feminist

French President Emmanel Macron announced his 22-person cabinet on Tuesday and 11 were filled by women.  

Like Canada’s Justin Trudeau, these two men recognize the importance of gender equality in government representation.

French voters avoided a potential right-wing disaster when they overwhelmingly elected Macron over the ultra-conservative Marie Le Pen.

Macron, who emphasized the importance of gender parity on the campaign trail, submitted over 400 candidates for France’s upcoming parliamentary elections and over half of the names on his list were women. In January he said:

“Women currently represent 53 percent of the electoral body, so it’s unacceptable that they make up less than 30 percent of those elected to the National Assembly — unlike other political parties, we plan to respect gender parity.”

From CNN:

On Thursday, En Marche! secretary general Richard Ferrand announced that 214 men and 214 women had been selected to run for the party — and added that 52% of the candidates had never held electoral office.

Must be nice to have leaders who get it.  American voters, take note!

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