Gov. McAuliffe: ‘People Will Die’ Under Trumpcare

Another broken promise: Trumpcare WILL put people out in the street.

The tax cut bill disguised as Obamacare repeal that House Republicans passed on Thursday, slashes Medicaid funding by about $880 billion.

Republicans either failed to consider the repercussions of this, or they simply don’t care. But Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Virginia Democrat, called them out on just how cruel Trumpcare is.

Gov. McAuliffe, told CNN’s ‘New Day’ on Friday, “People will die if this law becomes law of the land,” and, “They’re having a big beer party celebrating what they did.”

The American Heath Care Act, (AHCA) accomplishes something Republicans have wanted for a very long time: it changes Medicaid from an entitlement to a block grant program to states. That makes it easier for the federal government to cap, cut, or eliminate funding through the budget process. If a state’s federal block grant money is not enough to cover costs, they can either cut benefits or find a way to raise the additional money.

Since states controlled by Republicans do not have a strong reputation for protecting programs that help the poor and disabled, it’s unlikely they’ll raise taxes to protect the 60 percent of seniors and disabled people who live in nursing homes. What happens to these people if their health insurance disappears is unknown at this point. But it’s probably not good.

From The Intercept,

Precisely how much of a catastrophe the AHCA could be is impossible to say as of now, since Republicans passed the bill without first having it scored by the Congressional Budget Office. But there’s little question it will be disastrous if anything like it becomes law.

Actions do indeed speak volumes. This is the Republican Party that voters handed the keys of government to. In 2018, it’s time to change the locks.

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