Kellyanne Conway And Fox Can’t Get Their Stories Straight – Video

Say what you want about Kellyanne Conway, but you have to admit she is the Queen of Spin – even when a completely different story is on a banner right beneath her.

During an interview on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Conway asserted that Jared Kushner’s attempt to open a back channel to the Kremlin while he was on the Trump transition team was normal. She said that as Fox ran a banner beneath the broadcast saying that Kushner never suggested a back channel at all.

Well, the facts are that Jared Kushner has said from the very beginning he’s willing to go and share any information that he has with Congress, with the FBI. And, as you heard General McMaster, as you heard Secretary Kelly over this weekend say they’re not concerned. Backchannels like this are the regular course of business and that’s really all that we know and I think it’s very important to recognize that the president has expressed full confidence in Jared Kushner.

Nothing to see here. Please move along.

In response to a New York Times report that has led to Kushner falling under intense scrutiny from investigators, Conway countered with what has become the hallmark of the Trump administration – charges of the “fake news media” (that means anything other than Fox and the National Enquirer) spreading lies.

I’m not going to comment on any of that because there is no reason to, frankly. We know that there have been many news reports recently that had the facts wrong.

So says Kellyanne Conway, the woman who coined the term “alternative facts.”

While it is true that transition teams reach out to the leaders of other nations in preparation for assuming the mantle of office, it is not true, and possibly illegal, to do so in such a way to hide it from the United States government. No one in the Trump administration seems to think there’s anything wrong with that.

Not to mention that, as the banner under the video plainly says, Kushner didn’t suggest a back channel. So which is it?

It boils down to this: Who are you going to believe? Kellyanne Conway, who detests Trump, but not the money she’s paid for defending his lies, hypocrisy and dismantling of every safeguard for the citizens of this country? The team of yes men Trump has assembled to do his Putin’s bidding? The Fox Propaganda Network that runs a banner beneath a story that directly contradicts that story? Or intelligence experts with decades of experience who say this is not normal?

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