Source With Knowledge Of Comey Investigation: Two Grand Juries Convened – One Almost Complete’

If you follow the #TrumpRussia chatter on Twitter, you might be familiar with Claude Taylor, who worked on three presidential campaigns and served on President Bill Clinton’s White House staff, now a private photographer with a robust Twitter following, and Louise Mensch — they often have public tweet conversations and both have reliable sources that have proven to be solid.

Before anyone starts the predictable “But, but where’s the proof?” narrative – there is no proof at this point. However, even notable conservative Rick Wilson backs up the claim of Grand Juries convening.

So, for what it’s worth . . .

Check out Claude’s tweet on April 28:

Cue the naysayers:

Rick Wilson confirmed Claude’s assertion:

Tea Pain tweeted:

Later that evening Tea Pain tweeted:

We can only wait and see. Again, take it for what it’s worth. But if true, the Trump/Russia plot thickens …

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