Steve Bannon’s Rap Musical Is As Hideous As It Gets – Video

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at CPAC 2017 February 23rd 2017 by Michael Vadon a 23

We haven’t heard much about Steve Bannon these days, but he’s still lurking in the White House, whispering into Trump’s ear, infecting him with the poison that flows freely from the white supremacist.

Before Bannon insinuated himself into the highest reaches of government, he was an aspiring screenwriter in Hollywood. One of his (failed) efforts was a hip-hop version of Coriolanus, a Shakespearean tragedy, set during the Los Angeles riots. He and co-writer Julia Jones penned The Thing I Am, and the result is exactly what one would expect from a white racist who hasn’t a clue about what people of color go through on a daily basis. It’s loaded with stereotypes, crotch grabbing and peppered with an overdose of the n-word.

This is the opening scene:

AGRIPPA: South Central is the belly; you niggas, it’s mutinous members. Look on and you’ll see that the benefits which you receive proceed – from them to you. In no way from your sorry black asses.

Agrippa then crosses to Brutus and grabs his crotch.

You get the picture.

This “play” is puerile, insensitive, offensive, appalling, often baffling and always disgusting.

Now This News arranged a special staging of the piece. Take a look. Bring your barf bag.

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