Ten Highlights Of Donald Trump’s Excellent Overseas Adventure

Photo Credit: WhiteHouse.gov

They really shouldn’t let Donald Trump leave the White House without making sure he has a muzzle and a 24/7 babysitter in tow.

Trump danced a sword dance with the Saudis and made a $110 billion arms deal. Isn’t it great that the financiers of 9/11 got all those shiny new weapons?

He got really tired and had to take a nap, so sent out daughter Ivanka to speak for a whopping three minutes at a scheduled event.

During a press conference in Israel, Trump made it official that it was Israeli intelligence he leaked to the Russians. Prime Minister Netanyahu tried without success to appear unconcerned, but his face told another story.

Showing his total ignorance of geography, he announced to a room full of Israelis that he had just come from the Middle East. Somebody should have clued him in to the fact that Israel is situated in the Middle East.

And speaking of faces, it looked like Pope Francis needed some serious meditation (or perhaps medication) after being subjected to Trump. One can only imagine the conversation with the pontiff.

Trump’s inner schoolyard bully was on full display when he shoved aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro so he could be out front when the cameras were flashing.

He infuriated Great Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May by – what else? – leaking sensitive information about the Manchester terror attack.

He slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel on trade policy, further shredding relations with that country.

In one wonderful moment, the Idiot in Chief met his handshake match when newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron grasped his tiny hand in a death grip and wouldn’t let go. Delicious!

Upon arriving back in the United States, Trump tweeted that he’d just landed in Italy, providing further proof that he’s confused about everything, including where in the world he is. He deleted it when he realized his mistake, but nothing is really ever deleted, ya know?

He changed it later.

A great success. Sure – if you live in the alternate reality that is Trump World.

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