Trump’s Approval Numbers Take Another Dive

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A while back I wrote about a Pew Poll that found Donald Trump’s approval numbers were the lowest of any president in history. At 39 percent, it was a pretty piss poor commentary on the popularity of the Russian installed Commander-in-Chief.

Today the question is: How low can you go? A new Quinnipiac Poll taken on May 10 found that Trump’s numbers have sunk even lower to a pathetic 36% overall approval rating.

Worse, his approval ratings in his base – white voters with no college degree – has suffered as well. That demographic is pretty evenly split at 47 percent approval and 46 percent disapproval. Those numbers slid from a 57 percent approval/38 percent disapproval in an April 19 poll.

Even worse than that, when the poll combined the approve/disapprove with strongly or somewhat approve/disapprove, the numbers head even farther south with an overall 25 percent approval rating.

In every category, Trump is slipping and, if he doesn’t wind up being removed from office first, it is conceivable that he could head into sub-basement territory.

Congressional Republicans (I call them toadies) fare even worse at a meager 22 percent approval. Numbers for Congressional Democrats are better, but by no means good, with a weak 34 percent approval rating. It’s a sad statement that Trump has bested them by 2 points.

Things are not looking good for Trump on a number of fronts. The Russia scandal, the Comey firing, Trumpcare dead on arrival in the Senate, the courts continuing to block his ill-conceived immigrant ban, and a budget that did not include funding for that accursed wall and was heavily tilted in favor of Democratic values – all paint a bleak picture for Trump.

The question is, can Democrats pull off an upset in 2018 and take back Congress? The numbers say there’s a better than even chance. However, as we all know, numbers sometimes don’t tell the entire tale. And Democrats don’t always learn important lessons.

Let’s hope this time they’re listening.

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