Who Is Claude Taylor And How Does He Know So Much About Trump/Russia?

One of the little known names out there in the ether is Claude Taylor, whose Twitter handle is @TrueFactsStated. Taylor’s Twitter description is as follows: Veteran of three presidential campaigns, served on White House staff (Clinton). Actively engaged in protecting and preserving our democracy.

Taylor has been busy tweeting out news that the MSM outlets have shied away from. Not that the Fourth Estate is afraid – it has demonstrated that it will go after Trumpco with relish – but they can’t report on something unless they can cite sources. Taylor isn’t bound by such constraints and if he were anyone else, I wouldn’t even be writing about him. The thing is, when he tweets something, it invariably comes to pass.

Taylor keeps his sources close to the vest, but the information he gets is accurate. Take, for instance, his tweets regarding grand jury probes into the Trump/Russia connection. He was the first to make the claim and got some criticism from people, like Seth Abramson at Huffpost and Bob Johnson over at Daily Kos, who weren’t buying it. But then, Taylor was proven true when CNN confirmed the Trump/Russia Grand Jury in Virginia and New York. Other news outlets were quick to follow.

One of the things Trump never counted on (and we are seeing that there are a lot of things that got by his faulty radar) was social media being the harbinger of his doom. Kind of strange when one considers how addicted he is to social media and uses it constantly to attempt to change the collusion with Russia narrative. But, upon reflection, perhaps not so strange when one considers that Trump has shown himself to believe that being president is the same as being a dictator. Little Donny wants to be just like his sugar daddy Vlad and gets so upset when he’s told it’s not the American way.

To get the news before it’s news, follow Claude on Twitter. Not only is he informative, he’s also incredibly entertaining, as the thread during the Yates/Clapper hearing demonstrated.

Keith Olbermann is clued into Claude and has reported on the allegations he’s made that have shown themselves to be true. Before long, I’ll bet we’ll be seeing Taylor on CNN, MSNBC, and other outlets interested on getting a leg up on the big scoop. The guy’s got a helluva track record.

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