The ‘Achievements’ Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

By now, it is a familiar refrain from Trump: I won by a landslide (he really didn’t, losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes); My inauguration crowd was the largest in history (laughable – there are pictures); I created or saved millions of jobs (but has nothing to back up his claim). His newest: I’ve enjoyed the highest legislative achievements since taking office than any president other than FDR (another lie, but one does have to appreciate that at least he told the truth when it came to FDR).

In truth, there are lots of things Trump has done that are worthy of your attention.

We all remember Trump’s campaign promise that every American will have health insurance, and it will cost a lot less. But then he championed a House bill that would knock 23 million people off the rolls and send premiums into the stratosphere. He claims that the Affordable Care Act is caving in on itself, but that is only because of the GOP’s unrelenting attack on the law that has gained popularity, even in red states (as long as those red state voters don’t realize that the ACA and Obamacare are one and the same). The uncertainty created in this atmosphere is what is prompting some insurers to pull out of some states.

It is also important to note that not only does this ill-conceived effort turn its back on millions of Americans, it also cuts funding to the Centers For Disease Control

His campaign promise that he will create millions of jobs with a $1 trillion infrastructure bill is, like most of what the Great Bloviator says, just another belch of hot air. In reality, his budget cuts that figure by $55 billion from the original figure – leaving states that were relying on federal funds to go forward with much needed infrastructure projects in the lurch. In true GOP fashion, Trump prefers to privatize roads, bridges and public transportation systems.

Knowing that a 21st Century Glass Steagall is on the progressive wish list, it appears that Trump is trying to woo a portion of that electorate (good luck with that!) as well as his disgruntled base that thinks the banks have too much power by making the claim that he’s looking at implementing an updated version of the law. It’s his familiar ploy of I’ll get back to you in (pick your timeframe). In reality, the GOP House just passed a bill to strip Dodd-Frank of all safeguards and eliminate the Consumer Protection Agency. The House version will never make it past the Senate, but that doesn’t mean that important safeguards will remain intact.

If one wants a listing of Trump’s REAL accomplishments, here are but a few of the highlights lowlights:

I could go on and on – and ON – but seriously, there really isn’t enough time or even room in a single blog post to list the “achievements” of this ill-begotten spawn of the Republican Party.

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