Interview With Trump/Russia Citizen Journalist Claude Taylor – Podcast

My podcast partner Steph Walton (@ladybrainshow) and I had the opportunity to  interview with the self-described “Citizen Journalist and Bombthrower,” Claude Taylor (@TrueFactsStated) on the Start Me Up podcast.

If you’re following the TrumpRussia storyline on Twitter, you might’ve run across Claude Taylor. He receives information from sources in the intelligence community as well as from members of the media, and then he shares what he’s learned on his very popular Twitter feed.

His loyal followers (like me) check his Twitter feed many times daily for the latest updates, and he’s been right on target about a number of things – which are discussed in the interview.

Listen to the interview — click HERE.

Some of the questions asked were:

What is your political background and what did you do in the Clinton White House?

Where do your anonymous sources come from and how do you know them?

What are your thoughts about the June 7, Senate Intelligence Committee hearing?

What are your thoughts about Comey’s pending testimony on June 8?

How do you see the Trump presidency playing out? Do you have a timeframe of possible events and do you believe we’ll see a President Pence, Ryan or Hatch?

Listen to the interview — click HERE.

The conversation lasted about 40 minutes. The podcast can also be accessed on iTunes. Just search Start Me Up in the politics category.

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