Revealed: Life As A Slave Laborer In An Ivanka Clothing Factory

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump

If Ivanka Trump truly believes in “America First” why is her clothing line produced by slave labor in Indonesia and China?

Donald Trump bellows “American First.” Then why is it that first daughter Ivanka Trump has her clothing line produced in Indonesia and her shoes in China?  America has garment and shoe factories.

Fast Company Magazine ran an article the first part of 2016 about how clothing manufacturing is returning to the USA.  If her family truly believed in America First, then why doesn’t the First Daughter manufacturer her things in the USA instead of in Asia? You would think that she would want to set an example.

The only example Ms. Trump has set, has been to manufacture her clothing and shoes in factories that pay substandard wages, are verbally abusive, and use intimidation to threaten the employees. Ms. Trump who has positioned herself as the one to soften the blows her father yields with his heavy-fisted policies is proving to be just as cruel and money grabbing as her father. The Guardian printed an exposé of the horrors of the factory in Indonesia where Ms. Trump’s clothing line is manufactured. Worker’s interviewed agreed to talk only if the details about them were changed.

The Guardian reported that of the 2759 workers at the factory only 200 are unionized.  Workers are paid the lowest minimum wage in all of Indonesia — and quite possibly the lowest in Asia. They make 40% less than the workers in the Chinese factories.  Aside from that, many workers are paid so little that they cannot afford to live with their children.  They spoke about anti-union intimidation and women actually being offered a bonus if they don’t take time off when they have their period.

One man Ahmad (not his real name) spoke about Trump’s anti-Muslim policies. He and other workers follow what Trump says about Muslims and they do not like it, but feel they are in no position to make employment decisions based on principles.  The very people Trump spews his hatred about, are making his daughter’s clothing line.  “Sure I’m proud to make clothes for a well-known brand,” said one worker, identified as Fadli. “But because I see the price tags, I have to wonder, can’t they pay us a bit more?”

Raw Story wrote that “Workers are expected to make between 58 and 92 garments every half hour, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. — although the company frequently underreports actual production by nearly half — and managers verbally abuse them as “animals, moron and monkey.”  Seriously Ivanka, aren’t you the one who complained that people were being horrible to your father?

For a woman that always talks about “empowering women” she certainly is doing nothing to further the empowerment of the workers who make her clothes.

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