John McCain’s Embarrassing Performance At The Comey Hearing – Video

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It is a fact that John McCain is an American hero. Whether or not you agree with his politics, his long service to this country cannot be questioned. However, today, at the Comey hearing, it became glaringly obvious that the senator from Arizona is well past his expiration date.

Near the end of the hearing, it was John McCain’s turn to question former FBI Director James Comey and the exchange was nothing short of bizarre and, quite frankly, embarrassing.

McCain seemed confused about the name of the president, referring to him as both Mr. Comey and President Comey. He also seemed to be attempting to somehow tie Hillary Clinton to Russiagate. Although Mr. Comey tried repeatedly to explain that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was completed with no finding of wrongdoing, Senator McCain continued his line of questioning and inferred that, since Secretary Clinton was a presidential candidate during the Russian hack, she was in some way involved in Russian activities. Of course, the only involvement that has been proven is that her campaign was hacked. The “big deal” McCain referred to was Comey’s previous answer that the Russian hack and possible subversion of Americans was a big deal, but McCain just didn’t make that connection, even though it was spelled out during Comey’s response.

The only thing McCain had to say that made any sense at all was that he was confused.

I honestly don’t think Senator McCain was trying to muddy the waters (I could be wrong). I just think that what’s muddy is his mental capacity.

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