Thanks To The GOP, The Largest Leak Of Voter Information In History Just Happened

Here we are worried about the Russians, and the Republicans have made it easier for anyone who might want voter information to access it at will. 

Imagine a file that contains voter information for around 200 million voters in the USA, sitting on a publicly accessed cloud server with no encryption and no security.  Who would do such a stupid and possibly dangerous thing?  Look no further than the Republican party who hired Deep Root Analytics, a conservative media firm.  Deep Root stored the 1 terabyte file on their server.

The data file was discovered by  Upend consultant, Chris Vickery, who is a cyber risk analyst. “This is a catalog of human lives, with intrinsic details,” said Mike Baukes, CEO of UpGuard, the firm that came across the file during a routine scan of cloud systems. “Every voter in America is potentially in there. The scale of it is just staggering, and the fact that it was left wide open is wholly irresponsible.…This is happening all the time. We are continually finding these things. It is just staggering,” reported the LA Times.  Essentially, any person with an Internet connection could access the file.

What was the survey for and what was in it?  The GOP wanted to compile statistics on how people might vote.  The file was a compilation of data from other firms and Republican PACs. (Political Action Committees).  The data included voter’s addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, ethnicity, religion, and political opinions. The information included hot topic opinions about gun control, abortion, stem cell research. Gizmodo wrote that the information was used to forecast how someone might vote.  The data might resolve questions like: “Do they believe Democrats should stand up to Trump?”; “Are they eco-friendly?”; “Do they favor lowering taxes?”

Both Democrats and Republicans farm this kind of data before elections.  What makes this unique is that the file by the Republicans was left open on a server with no security. “The firm does not believe its systems were hacked or accessed by any malicious actors during that time, Gizmodo reported”

Here we are worried about the Russians, and the GOP has made it easier for anyone who might want this information.  Can you imagine what someone might do with this information?  I don’t even want to think about it.

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