Marco Rubio’s Pathetic Attempt To Save Face After Humiliating Photo With Ivanka Goes Viral

Since there is never any important work to be done on Capitol Hill, Senator Marco Rubio launched a sad attempt to save face after a cring-worthy photo of him and Ivanka Trump went viral.

Marco Rubio headlines are scattered all over the internet in the wake of an awkward photograph of him meeting Ivanka Trump on Capitol Hill on Monday went viral.

The photograph, by AP congressional correspondent Erica Werner shows the two in an apparent attempt to embrace and kicked off a social media storm – one that Rubio himself was loathe to avoid.

Since there is nothing important going on this week on Capitol Hill, such as a proposed health care bill, Rubio, in what appears to be an attempt to save face, launched some sort of bizarre faux investigation into the matter.

A few minutes later, Rubio tweeted a photo “providing more insight into alleged failed hug.”

About half an hour later, Rubio had “BREAKING NEWS.”

Marco eventually ended the charade, tweeting: “Based on review of evidence & my own recollection, have concluded no hug was even attempted & press covfefe of alleged failed hug is false.”

About half an hour later, Ivanka Trump tweeted: “Anonymous sources say @marcorubio planned the alleged failed hug. I have no comment (but I would have hugged him anyway!” following that up with a final tweet on the matter:

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