Meanwhile In the Hinterlands Of Right Wing Media …

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While the country is waiting to see the outcome of the Georgia special election and waiting not so patiently to determine whether or not the president and his associates colluded with Russia to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, right wing media is busy throwing red meat to its rabid and decidedly uninformed followers.

Rush Limbaugh is calling Joel Ossoff, the Democratic contender in the Georgia race, “pajama boy.”

Fox News, the crown jewel of right wing media, posted a misleading headline: California City Tells Veteran To Take Down Flag Pole Flying American Flag. Which is true. Except the neighborhood rules were that only one flagpole per property is allowed and the person in question had two, so although one had to be removed, the other was allowed to stay and wave proudly. Just another ploy to rile up an angry base.

In World Net Daily. the disproven charge about Obama spying on Trump takes precedence: “Key evidence on whether the Obama administration spied on the Trump team may be kept under lock and key for five years, at former President Obama’s presidential library.” (This, even though the wiretap charge has been debunked as just another one of Donald Trump’s baseless, false accusations.)

Breitbart is trying to paint lipstick on that pig of a health care bill being drafted, without a scintilla of transparency, by 13 men whose one and only goal is to get rid of Obamacare. If Americans get screwed in the process – oh well!

The Drudge Report (which really doesn’t report anything, but lists articles from other sources) posted an article from the NTK Network that is an attack on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, suggesting they are inciting people to violence by imploring them to stand up and fight back by getting involved in the political process.

The National Review, on the other hand, is painting Bernie Sanders as a “theocrat” and “religious zealot.”

The aptly named Hot Air ran a story about today’s special election in Georgia’s 6th District with a title that I personally found shocking: GA-06: Americans For Prosperity Hedging Their Bets On Non-jungle Primary Voters. I read the article, and the only reference I could find that would allude to a term like that is this: “Handel needs to get every GOP vote in N. Fulton and E. Cobb counties, while Ossoff needs to dominate in DeKalb, the county that is chock full of minority voters.” Maybe it’s a term I’m not familiar with?

It is mind blowing and exhausting to visit these sites and see the twisted truths and outright lies being put forward by the right wing media. Some I couldn’t eve bear to look at: Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter, etc.

Liberal media doesn’t always get it right, and there are click bait sites out there that don’t serve the truth well. However, they are far outpaced by the right wing noise machine that is still angry that Obama sat in the Oval Office for eight years and that Hillary Clinton got more votes than their beloved Trump.

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