Meet The Man Who Is Challenging Paul Ryan For His Seat – Video

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In what is certain to be an interesting race, an ironworker from Wisconsin has launched his campaign to capture the seat now occupied by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Randy Bryce is a Berniecrat who decided that enough is enough. His mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, an insidious disease with which I am well acquainted. My now deceased older sister was afflicted with it for over three decades. I know the pain and suffering those with MS must endure each and every day of their lives. I know how important it is for them to know that the medications they need will be available to them.

Bryce has made the health care bill crafted by Ryan the centerpiece of his first campaign ad, and it tugs at the heartstrings. In the vein of his hero Bernie Sanders, Bryce doesn’t go for the negative attack ad. Instead, he concentrates on the meat and potato issue of health care and how it affects citizens in his home state of Wisconsin and throughout the country.

Paul Ryan owns that bill, whether it passes or languishes, giving Bryce the perfect vehicle to derail one of the most powerful men in Congress.

If Republicans manage to push through their secret health care bill, millions of people will lose their benefits, and untold numbers of people will die for lack of care. Randy Bryce is counting on Wisconsin voters to remember that Paul Ryan and the members of the GOP are more interested in repealing the ACA than they are in improving it and adding more people to the rolls. They are more interested in handing out massive tax cuts to those who are already wealthy at the expensive of those who have little or nothing.

I decided to run for office because not everybody’s seated at the table and it’s time to make a bigger table.

I’m the best person to represent this district because I’m a working person. If somebody falls behind, we’re so much stronger if we carry them with us. That’s the way I was raised. We look out for each other.

I think it’s time – let’s trade places. Paul Ryan, you can come work the iron and I’ll go to D.C.

We can do so much better together as a community and our future depends on it.

Watch out, Paul Ryan, you may be the next Eric Cantor.

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