Megyn Kelly Taken By Surprise By Ultra Right Conspiracy Talk Show Host Alex Jones – Video

Megyn Kelly, host of  Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly on NBC, is finding herself in a difficult maze after interviewing far right conspiracy radio show host Alex Jones. 

Jones, a noted conspiracy theorist and host of Infowars, is well known for insisting that the Sandy Hook school massacre was faked.  He even went as far as to say parents faked the deaths of 20 school children as part of a government conspiracy.  Jones has also insisted that the 9/11 attacks in New York were “an inside job.”

Kelly who moved from Fox News to NBC has found herself scooped by Jones.  The interview is supposed to be shown on Sunday.  The clips released by Jones has created a furor.

Fox News reports that ‘Jones’ recordings are protected from any potential legal action Kelly and NBC could pursue, as the state has a “one-party consent” law, where only one person needs to agree to having recorded communications.’

Jones released clips of the Pre-Interview because he felt that Kelly was going to represent him as a Jeffrey Dalmer or Charles Manson. (Isn’t he?  What kind of sicko insists that parents fake their kids deaths?)  The pre-interview was a telephone conversation between Kelly and Jones.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the conversation was Kelly negotiating with Jones to be a guest on her show.  Kelly flattered the Infowars host and is heard telling him that she wants to give him a chance to tell “his side of the story about Sandy Hook.”  (Hey, Megyn, I think that this is a little too much..)

Jones insists that in  22 years he has never done this before.  It certainly has created a PR nightmare for NBC and Kelly.  Kelly was supposed to be the Host of a Sandy Hook Gala.  She was dropped and the Sandy Hook families are threatening legal action if NBC airs the show.  The LA Times obtained a copy of a letter sent by the lawyer representing the families saying that the network is inflicting harm on the families by airing the interview.  The lawyers feel that the interview will give credibility to Jones’s horrific version of the massacre.

Kelly  defends her right to do and to have the interviewed aired.  Kelly said that she personally feels revolted by Jones’ insistence that Sandy Hook was faked, but felt it was necessary to find out someone with such outrageous conspiracy theories could have millions of followers – including President Trump.  Trump has been on Jones’ show and praises him for his controversial show.   Jones, by the way, is not a Republican.  He represents himself as an Independent.

Additionally, a major sponsor JP Morgan has pulled their advertising support for the show, causing further headaches for NBC who is trying to launch Kelly’s show.

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