Policymakers Not Working With Intelligence Community To Prevent Another 9/11 Type Attack

Former CIA analyst warns about the Russian threat, saying it is being ignored much like Al-Qaeda was ignored by the Bush administration before the 9/11 attacks. 

Sixteen years later the horrors of 9/11 remain in the minds of Americans today.  Could the attack have been prevented?  Did intelligence sources even know that an attack was going to happen? What are they doing now to prevent other attacks?  The big issue seems to be that the policy makers do not take the intelligence community seriously.

Nada Bakos, a former CIA Analyst and targeting officer, said in an interview with MSNBC that the American intelligence community is “getting frustrated because they’re probably trying to get policymakers’ attention.” Bakos insists that it is Russia we need to pay more attention to and that the policymakers are not responding.

In the past few weeks, it has come to light that Russia is doing some serious damage here in the United States.  Michael Flynn former National Security officer is under investigation for his ties to Russia.

Why is it that President Trump chose to ignore all information that Flynn had lied about his Russian contacts?  How come President Trump continues to insist that there is “no Russia thing” and that it is “fake news?”

In a Newsweek article about her interview, Bakos insists that Russian influence and propaganda is continuing across the United States and Europe.  “To me it’s probably a little like pre-9/11 when there was pre-warning analysis being written and delivered to policy makers and they’re not really getting any feedback or any strategies,” she said.

This is pretty scary stuff.  It is becoming more and more obvious that Russian influence played a key role in the 2016 elections in order to get “Russian friendly” Donald Trump elected.  An NSA (National Security Agency) report was recently leaked which confirms that Russia did play a role in influencing the elections.

As the Washington Post reports, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) was asked if he knew about a Russian super Cyber Weapon that is currently being developed that can disrupt power grids.  McCain, a member of the Armed Services Committee, said he couldn’t comment on the technology.  (Considering his performance in the Comey hearing, one might wonder if he even remembers.)

Cyber security experts at  the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) warned the Trump administration in March with a report that details the fact that a cyber weapon like this could wreak havoc by hacking America’s electric grid, oil pipelines, and other critical infrastructure.

Bakos insists that the intelligence agencies are focused on the Russian threats, but without backup of the policymakers.  Let’s hope they wake up soon, or one day we are going to wake up to a country with no electricity.

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