Proof: Russia Hacked At Least 39 States Before The 2016 Presidential Election – Video

Russian cyber hacks on the U.S. electoral system before the presidential election more widespread than previously thought.

Russian hackers have compromised at least 39 states as reported by several news sources. Bloomberg Politics reported that the hack extended to 39 states and was much more widespread than initially detailed before the Presidential elections of 2016. The Obama administration was so concerned that they used the “red phone” to contact Russia to discuss the attacks.

With new details surfacing almost daily, the federal investigators are looking into whether or not Trump campaign officials aided the Russians in the hacking.  President Trump waves it away as “fake news,” although it is becoming clearer that these hacks are far from being fake. Intercept recently released a top secret document from the  National Security Agency that details much of what has happened.  It counters Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial that Russia had interfered in foreign elections: “We never engaged in that on a state level, and have no intention of doing so.”  Right, Vlad.

The Russians were trying to interfere more with voting information rather than the election data. It was the attack on the Illinois system that first alerted the Obama administration to the seriousness of what was going on.  Esquire Magazine reported that “Illinois became Patient Zero in the government’s probe,  eventually leading investigators to a hacking pandemic that touched four out of every five U.S. states. Using evidence from the Illinois computer banks, federal agents were able to develop digital “signatures” — among them, Internet Protocol addresses used by the attackers — to spot the hackers at work.  “

Alternet cites that Illinois was more or less the testing ground for a much larger hack. The Russians wanted to create a disruptive cyber attack to throw election day into chaos.  Obviously, the best way to do that would be to mess with voter information. (Changing the sex, age, address, etc.)

The elections are over for now, but remember what former FBI head James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the election. “They’re coming after America, they will be back.”

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