Republican Lawmaker Beheads Chicken To Make A Point About Abortion – Video

Photo credit: YouTube screen capture

Pro-life Representative Mike Moon (MO) decided to let people know that he was ready to get back to work to pass his new anti-abortion legislation by beheading a chicken.

That’s right. Moon made a video of himself slashing through the throat of a hapless chicken to make his “point” about abortion.

Following the beheading, Moon prattled on while he gutted the chicken.

“We’ve been called back to the special session for the primary purpose of supporting life, protecting the unborn specifically.”

Reaching into the cavity of the dismembered and de-feathered fowl, he pulled out the innards, rubbing the heart between his fingers and proclaimed, “I think we need to get to the heart of the matter here.”

His bill would end legalized abortion in his state. HB 14, The Missouri Right To Life Act, was filed by Moon on Monday.

Interesting, since abortion is legal in this country and a challenge will most likely be shot down in the courts. But things like that don’t stop a murderous grandstander like Moon. And what in the hell does killing a chicken have to do with protecting anyone?

In response to some of his Facebook followers who thought the video was “gross,” Moon countered with this:

“Just think how gross abortion is. I wasn’t trying to make a comparison, but simply to get a couple of points across: to the governor (I’m not on vacation and I’m just as much a career politician as he is), and if we truly are concerned about protecting the lives of the unborn, we should take action that will lead to the end of abortion.”

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