Trump Blocks VoteVets, The Voice Of 500k Military Veterans And Families, On Twitter

Donald Trump, Mike Pence saluting at Inaugural parade 01-20-17

Donald Trump has been effusive in his praise for America’s veterans, acknowledging the sacrifices they’ve made for this country.

During an April ceremony at the White House, Trump honored 54 wounded veterans as part of the Wounded Warriors’ Soldier Ride.

“You’ve risked all that you have, all that you possess, to keep our people safe and our democracy secure, and we’re going to keep it going for a long time in your honor,” President Trump said in a speech. “You’ve earned our freedom with your sweat and your blood and your incredible sacrifice. We salute you. We salute your service.”

He later told Pete Hegseth at Fox News, “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

But talk is cheap, and Trump’s enthusiasm for America’s veterans only extends so far. Apparently, it stops at Vote Vets, the progressive veterans organization known for criticizing Trump and his policies.

Following a criticism of his Muslim ban by the organization, the thin-skinned Commander-in-Chief decided he’d had just about enough of VoteVets. So he blocked them on Twitter.

Talk about a pre-school reaction. But we are getting used to things like this from a president with the emotional maturity of a two year-old.

John Soltz, Chairman of the organization that is 500,000 strong, posted his reply to Trump’s action:

Since Inauguration Day, no organization has more forcefully or effectively taken on Donald Trump. Whether it’s the ads on his favorite news show or the voices of veterans we’ve helped to resist his dangerous agenda … this morning, the President of the United States had enough of VoteVets, and he acted on the impulse.

This morning, President Trump, the Commander in Chief, blocked VoteVets on Twitter.

Here’s the truth, Trump can block VoteVets on Twitter, the voice of 500,000 progressive veterans, military family members, and their civilian supporters, but we will NOT be silenced. Stand with us today:

Like General Wesley Clark says, there is no organization more decisive in a fight than VoteVets. We are one of the few out there who have actually scored political victories against this administration.

Jon Soltz

Iraq War Veteran & Chairman


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