The Time Trump Bribed Florida’s Attorney General To Obstruct An Investigation

This action by Trump to allegedly obstruct an ongoing investigation may come back to haunt him now that the special prosecutor is investigating his current efforts to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation.

Trump finds himself knee deep in scandal between the investigation into potential collusion between Russia and the Trump regime and recent revelations reported by the Washington Post that Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, is now looking into the possibility that Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

That makes this 2013 story all the more relevant as it could be seen by Mueller as establishing a pattern of unlawful obstruction.

Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi, has more than once been accused of seeing dollar signs rather than justice, so it was no surprise when in  September 2013, she delayed an execution so she could raise $140,000 for her reelection coffers. Then, just three days after her office announced that it was going to be investigating Donald Trump, it was reported that she accepted a $25,000 contribution from one of Trump’s organizations.

The controversy against Trump began with a lawsuit filed by New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman on August 25, 2013. In the suit, Schneiderman alleged that Trump University and its affiliates were “sham for profit colleges” and that they ripped off 5,000 consumers. The suit was for $40 million in restitution.

The Tampa Bay Times reported at the time that, according to Schneiderman, “Mr. Trump used his celebrity status and personally appeared in commercials making false promises to convince people to spend tens of thousands of dollars they couldn’t afford for lessons they never got.”

Dozens of the complaints cited by Schneiderman had been filed in Florida in 2008, two years before Bondi took office; and, on September 14, 2013, a spokeswoman for Bondi said her office would review the New York lawsuit. A mere three days later, the Donald J. Trump Foundation made a $25,000 contribution to a political fundraising committee, And Justice for All, which technically was not part of Bondi’s reelection campaign, but did serve to support Bondi’s reelection.

Bondi’s office dropped the investigation, as noted above, and handed the ball back to New York, saying that Floridians affected would be compensated if New York wins the suit – all’s well that ends well, in effect.

However, the Florida complaints named the “Trump Institute,” which was named in the New York suit, meaning that by dropping the investigations, Bondi let Trump off the hook when it came to recompensing Florida consumers who had been the victims of that alleged scam.

Trump released this statement at the time: “Pam Bondi is a fabulous representative of the people — Florida is lucky to have her. … The case in New York is pure politics brought by an incompetent attorney general, a political hack.”

This information may very well come back to haunt Trump if and when he gets impeached and/or prosecuted, adding another piece to an ever expanding puzzle.

Editor’s Note: This piece relied heavily on an earlier article by former Liberals Unite contributor Wendy Gittleson

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