Trump Is Going To Flip Out Over The Latest Poll Regarding James Comey

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The latest poll regarding who Americans believe – Trump or Comey is the stuff of nightmares for Trump.

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that Americans believe former FBI Director James Comey over Trump by a 2-to-1 margin.

As NBC News reports, “Forty-five percent of respondents say they are more likely to believe Comey’s version of events from his June 8 testimony to the U.S. Senate, versus 22 percent who are more likely to believe what Trump has said.”

Broken down by party, “76 percent of Democrats side with Comey, while 50 percent of Republicans believe Trump. Independents break for Comey over Trump, 47 percent to 17 percent.”

Additionally, “the NBC/WSJ poll also finds 46 percent of Americans disapproving of Trump’s decision to fire Comey — up from 38 percent in May.” with a mere 27 percent approve of Trump’s decision to fire Comey.

Regarding the poll itself, NBC News notes that: “The NBC/WSJ poll was conducted June 17-20 of 900 adults — including more than 400 by cell phone — and it has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.3 percentage points.”

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