Trump Reelection Fundraiser Smacks Of Ethics Violations

Ethics violations abound as Trump uses the Trump International Hotel to hold a reelection campaign dinner. 

President Donald Trump continues to fan the flames of ethic violations by holding a $35,000 – $100,000 per plate re-election campaign dinner. Trump can see the Trump International Hotel from his window in the White House. Although his campaign director Michael Glassner sees the location for the June 28th dinner as convenient, it also raises many ethics questions as well.

Newsweek wrote that the decision to host the dinner at one of his own hotels, as he continues to use his Mar-A-Lago Resort as the “winter White House” where he holds meetings with visiting diplomats and world leaders has many people upset. Understandably so. Mar-A-Lago’s revenue increased from 30 million to 37 million from the 7 weekends he visited (over the same period last year.)

Trump has comingled business and politics right from the June 2015 day he glided down an escalator at Trump Tower in New York City to announce his candidacy. Kathleen Clark a former ethics attorney for the District of Columbia says it is not illegal or even unusual for Trump, however it is this type of boldness that deeply concerns some Americans. Fortune wrote that ethics experts say that Trump’s appearances at his own properties (so far 37) is a form of advertising and illegal enrichment.

There is an agreement between the Government Services Administration (GSA) and the Trump Organization that the profits will go into an account held by the hotel’s landlord -Trump Old Post Office, LLC. Nothing has been said about where the profits will go when Trump leaves office and whether they will be transferred back to Trump.

Trump kicked off his reelection for 2020 on his inauguration day. This makes him the first sitting president to do it so early. By the end of March he had already raised 7 million from small donors.

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