Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Seeks Voters’ Personal Information

“I certainly don’t trust the Trump administration with that information, and people across the country should be outraged.” ~ Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander

Trump’s Election Integrity Commission sent a letter to the 50 states demanding voter role data, names, date of birth, address, party affiliation, last 4 digits of the social security number, and voting history from 2006. The letter sent by Vice Chair Chris Kobach does not say how the data will be used. Kobach was quoted in the Washington Post that the data will be made public.

Under federal law, the states must maintain a central file on voters with each state’s different data. The files are public; however, most states do charge a fee to access the information. The files are typically used by the parties to compile voter lists.

The commission was created by Trump to gather evidence that there was voter fraud. Trump continues to insist that there was massive voting by illegal immigrants. Amazing, because there was no hard evidence that there was voter fraud.

Kobach is the secretary of state for Kansas and uncompromising when it comes to voter fraud.

Think Progress reported that the Kansas secretary of state’s office used an arsenal of intrusive methods to find alleged non-citizen voters, according to an internal document obtained exclusively by Think Progress in April. In one case, Kobach’s office compared voter rolls to a list of temporary drivers licenses issued to non-citizens. It also commissioned two outside firms to poll non-citizens about their voting habits using drivers’ license information and other data, and it asked the Department of Homeland Security to compare a list of suspected non-citizen voters against its list of naturalized citizens.

Additionally, the states received a letter from the Department of Justice (DOJ) asking for information on how they purge their voters rolls in compliance with the National Voter Registration Act. There have been several lawsuits in recent years over illegal purges.

There is a major concern that this commission is going to use the information for voter suppression. Neither Kobach or Vice President Pence has said what they are going to do with the data. It would be possible to take people off the voting rolls. Trump insisted in his May Executive Order that the commission would be bi-partisan and would look into voter fraud and suppression. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) asked Democrats not to participate as they fear it will turn into a witch hunt.

Many states have expressed that they are very concerned. Virginia Governor Terry McAullife (D) said he has “no intention” of cooperating with President Donald Trump’s sketchy commission to investigate alleged voter fraud. Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos (D) told HuffPost that his office would only disclose the information required under the Freedom of Information Act.

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