More Americans Want To Impeach Trump Than Approve Of Him

Thousands of Americans protested across the country against Donald Trump, demanding his impeachment.

While Trump spent last weekend spewing hatred against the news media, his popularity rating took a dive. The latest Gallup Poll shows Trumps disapproval rating at 57%. A recent survey from Public Policy Polling shows that 47% of voting Americans support impeachment. Pretty dismal numbers for a president early in his term. Barack Obama polled at 60% approval during his first year in office.

While Trump spends his hours tweeting away the morning ( doesn’t this guy have something better to do, like running the country?) there were marches all over the country against Trump.

In New York protesters marched in front of the Trump hotel. Associated Press mentioned that a fight broke out between Pro and Anti Trump protesters. In Philadelphia 2 anti-Trump protesters were arrested. There were marches in all the major cities and many smaller cities as well. Marchers from Davenport Iowa to the Texas Panhandle were united in their desire to see Trump removed as president.

In Los Angeles, Representative Brad Sherman, a Democrat who has drafted articles of impeachment against the president, delivered remarks at the end of the march. “We have to act now to protect our country from abuse of power and impulsive, ignorant incompetence,” Sherman said, according to the Los Angeles Times. The crowd responded with ‘Lock him up.’

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