Democrat Clashes With Fox News Host Over His Introduction Of Articles Of Impeachment

Brad Sherman clashed with Fox News Host Tucker Carlson about his recently filed articles of impeachment against Trump.

Representative Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) filed the first article of impeachment against Donald Trump. Rep. Sherman accuses Trump of obstruction of justice, by tampering with the investigations of Russia in the 2016 elections, and the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. This is the first time anyone has filed impeachment articles against Trump.

In all of this, Donald John Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as president and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, Donald John Trump, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office,” the article of impeachment states.

Sherman acknowledges that filing the article is “the first step on a very long road.” Sherman also said that he knows it is a long shot bid to remove Trump. The article has few backers, although he is joined by Representative Al Green (D-Texas) as a co-sponsor.

Sherman clashed with Fox News host Tucker Carlson Wednesday night about that filing.

As Business Insider reported, “the conservative anchor argued that Sherman’s impeachment push was frivolous, while the California Democrat said that, if nothing else, attempting to impeach Trump could bring about ‘competence’ in the White House.”

“Why are you doing this?” Carlson asked, adding: “Of course, he’s not going to be impeached in this congressional term, knowing what we know now.”

“The hope is that it triggers an intervention in the White House,” Sherman said. “That his staff is able to say, ‘Now it is real articles, and for that, and for so many other reasons, Mr. President, you have to stop announcing reversals in foreign policy at 4 in the morning in 140 characters, you have to stop making foreign policy decisions in complete ignorance of the facts.'”

As Time Magazine reports, Democrats are not promoting impeachment at the present time. It is believed that any steps to impeachment will not survive and will merely serve to energize Trump’s supporters.

“But if the impulsive incompetency continues, then eventually — many, many months from now — Republicans will join the impeachment effort,” Sherman said in a statement quoted in Time Magazine.

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