Chelsea Handler And Conservative Tomi Lahren Face Off In Live Debate

Chelsea Handler, Bestselling Author, Talk Show Host, Comedian, Actor, and interviewer: Pattie Sellers of Fortune speaking at session: WOMEN, POWER, HUMOR, AND MAKING IT BIG

The very liberal comedian Chelsea Handler and conservative pundit Tomi Lahren will be taking part in a live debate at the Politicon convention later this month 

From the Daily Beast:

Handler, who previously hosted the celebrity-driver Chelsea Lately on E!, has become an increasingly political critic of President Donald Trump since launching her Netflix show Chelsea last spring, leading the Women’s March at Sundance and regularly hammering the current administration on a weekly basis. In September 2016, she planned a showdown with another prominent female conservative, Ann Coulter, who canceled at the last minute.

Earlier this year, Lahren was permanently banned from the conservative website The Blaze because of pro-choice comments she made on The View, “I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government, but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies,” Lahren said.

Her comments on abortion infuriated conservatives – including Blaze chief Glenn Beck

A Beck insider told Page Six that the firestorm from the right over Lahren’s comments has led to her permanent ban. ‘Glenn is reminding the world of his conservative principles by sidelining Tomi after she insulted conservatives by calling them hypocrites,’ the Beck insider said.”

This debate will definitely be worth watching.

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