It’s Confirmed: Trump Agenda Puts Working Class Americans Last

Donald Trump

A massive transfer of wealth scheme is hiding in plain sight in the Trump-GOP agenda.

If you were among the working-class voters who thought Trump’s agenda would make your life better, you’re going to be disappointed, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study released on Thursday.

The Washington Post reports,

President Trump’s budget would not add to economic growth or eliminate the deficit in coming years, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Thursday…

By rejecting the White House’s declaration that large-scale spending reductions and unspecified tax cuts will lead to economic growth, the CBO could make it harder for this coalition of GOP lawmakers to band together.

In other words, Republicans have to come up with much better spin to have any hope of shoving their atrocious reverse Robin Hood scheme down the throats of the public.

Contrary to Trump’s touted 3 percent economic growth, reality puts it at only 1.9 percent. Furthermore, deep cuts to the social safety net and other cuts totaling around $4 trillion, would add to the deficit, not reduce it, partly due to proposed tax cuts for the wealthy that eat up the savings and do little to promote overall growth. That’s because historically, the wealthy tend to keep their tax cut money in their pockets, as opposed to working-class Americans who grow the economy with additional spending.

The massive transfer of wealth, hiding in plain sight in the Trump-GOP agenda, comes across as a shameless scam that smells of corruption, greed and moral bankruptcy.

In Mother Jones, Hannah Levintova writes,

In a plan entitled “The New Foundation for American Greatness,” the Trump administration… outlines an extreme schedule of tax cuts for the next 10 years amounting to a total of $3.6 trillion paid for primarily by targeting programs that low-income and middle-class families depend on.

Add to that the threat of stripping access to healthcare from some 22 million Americans, and it’s not hard to see what’s really inside the Orange-haired president’s head.

David Lazarus of the Los Angles Times reports,

If at first you don’t succeed, screw it up even more.

“The new Republican plan has gone from horrible to absolutely awful,” said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. “The first version guts Medicaid, and now this version does the same for exchange marketplaces,” he told me. “Republicans should be ashamed.”

That last line is where all the strings get tied together. Republicans have no shame. They deceive to voters to get elected, then sell them out with misleading stories about how great America would be if only rich people had more money.

Sadly, the core base of the Republican Party is still buying trickle-down economic theory like beachfront property in the desert, despite the obvious truth that if it didn’t work when Ronald Reagan did it, McConnell, Ryan and Trump are not going to get a different result.

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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou

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Gracie Lou