Confused, Trump Gets Lost Walking 10-Feet To His Limo – Video

The astonishing moment Trump got confused and walked past his limo that was parked directly in front of the stairs of Air Force One.

Media outlets, both at home and abroad, are exploding with the latest Trump gaffe – him appearing confused and walking past his massive limo.

The U.K.’s The Mail reports that: “This is the astonishing moment Donald Trump appears to fail to recognize his armored limousine nicknamed ‘The Beast’ after he arrived on Air Force One.”

Newsweek had the following tidbit to report: “The scenes aired Monday on Fox News as President Trump landed at Joint Base Andrews airfield. He is seen stepping off the plane and waving to a gathered crowd. However, when he reaches the bottom of the steps, he seems to miss his ride—parked directly in front of the jet—and walks off in a different direction. Maybe, like his alternative facts, he just prefers alternative routes? Trump is then redirected to his awaiting car by an aide.”

In an article titled “Trump Confused By Ten-Foot Walk to Presidential Limousine,” Mother Jones wrote a simple one-line question along with the video: “I know the White House probably has a handy explanation teed up just in case someone asks, but, um, what is Donald Trump doing here?”

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