Trump Jr.’s Emails Confirm Trump Met With Kremlin Agent During 2016 Election

Attorney and University of New Hampshire professor Seth Abramson has been publishing extensive tweets regarding the ongoing investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. 

Abramson published a massive megathread on Twitter on July 11 titled: “Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails to Rob Goldstone Confirm That President Trump Met With a Kremlin Agent During the 2016 Election.” 

The post has over 50 tweets. If you’d like to read his thread on Twitter, click this LINK. For those who’d rather read his assertion in blog format, his tweets are copied and pasted in order below. Only one tweet is embedded as an image because Abramson included a visual aid.

On June 3, the President’s top three aides (Kushner, Manafort, and Don Jr) were legally put on notice Emin Agalarov was a Kremlin agent. On that date the three men received an email identifying Emin Agalarov as “helping the Russian government in its support for Mr. Trump.”

The source of the email was a trusted one: Rob Goldstone, Emin Agalarov’s manager, who was in a position to know Agalarov’s activities. The source was also a highly trusted source in view of the Trumps: Goldstone was good friends with Donald Trump Sr. as well as his son.

Trump Sr. and Trump Jr. also had direct and personal knowledge of Vladimir Putin’s use of the Agalarovs as intermediaries to Americans. In November 2013, Vladimir Putin sent a message to Trump via Aras and Emin Agalarov about his attendance at the Miss Universe pageant.

When Trump returned to NYC from Moscow in mid-November 2013, Putin send another message to Trump—this time via Aras Agalarov’s daughter. When Goldstone emailed Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner to say the Kremlin was working through Emin, it was—at a minimum—the third time.

In April 2016, The Washington Post interviewed Emin Agalarov in Moscow. This interview is now critical evidence. From WaPo: “Here’s what the businessmen who brokered the Russia meeting with Trump Jr. said in an interview last year.” In the interview, Emin Agalarov told the Washington Post he meets privately with now-President Trump—in person—”a few times a year.” Unless President Trump and Emin ceased this practice on June 9th, 2016, the President has met or spoken by phone with Emin since then. Emin also told the Post in 2016 that Trump, knowing the Agalarovs were go-betweens for Putin, discussed his policy positions with them.

As a matter of law, President Trump was on notice Emin Agalarov was an agent of the Kremlin due to him acting as a messenger for Putin. Trump Jr, Manafort, and Kushner were legally on notice Emin Agalarov was a Kremlin agent upon receiving Goldstone’s June 3, 2016 email.

As a matter of law, President Trump not only knew Agalarov was a Kremlin agent but reasonably believed he could get messages to Putin. Agalarov’s statements to Goldstone and WP confirm he received messages for Putin’s ears at a time Trump knew Emin was a Kremlin agent.

The term “agent” is not a term from Hollywood. It is a legal term. Under certain circumstances one becomes a legal “agent” for another.

Rob Goldstone represented the Agalarovs—both father and son—as agents of the Kremlin in his June 3 email to Jr., Manafort, and Kushner. The Agalarovs (father, son and daughter) represented themselves as Kremlin agents to President Trump on at least two occasions in 2013.

Any contact Trump Sr. had with Emin Agalarov after November 2013 was contact with someone he reasonably believed to be a Kremlin agent. Any statements on his Russia policy Trump made to Agalarov after November 2013 he was legally responsible to know would go to Putin. The content of statements Trump made to Agalarov—reported by Agalarov—confirms Trump knew Emin transmitted political messages to Putin.

Just so, any contact Trump Jr, Manafort or Kushner had with Emin/Aras Agalarov post-June 3, 2016 was contact with known Kremlin agents. If Trump met with Emin Agalarov at any point after June 16, 2015 he met *during the campaign* with someone he knew was a Kremlin agent.

With Trump Jr.’s confirmation the Goldstone emails held by NYT are authentic, the media *must* report Emin Agalarov as a Kremlin agent.

Now that it is confirmed a self-described friend of Trump Sr. who meets with him frequently is a Kremlin agent, everything must change.

  • The White House must IMMEDIATELY release a list of ALL MEETINGS between POTUS and Kremlin agent Emin Agalarov from June 6, 2015 onward. The list released by the White House MUST ALSO include a READ-OUT of all conversations President Trump had with Kremlin agent Agalarov.
  • The White House must in particular note ANY statement of Russia policy President Trump knowingly passed to Putin through Emin Agalarov. Similar lists and read-outs MUST be disseminated by Trump Jr., Manafort, and Kushner with respect to contact with ANY of the Agalarovs.
  • Given Emin Agalarov’s AT MINIMUM three acts of agency as to the Kremlin in 2013 and 2016, no attorney can say he’s not a Kremlin agent.
  • Given evidence volunteered by Trump Jr, Goldstone and Emin Agalarov, the White House CANNOT say POTUS didn’t meet with a Kremlin agent.

(Don’t be surprised it took a few days for this news to out; attorneys have been scrutinizing all these emails and it’s easy to miss.)

  • Given the foregoing, if Trump received anything of value from Emin Agalarov, a known Kremlin agent, during the campaign, it’s a felony.
  • Given all this, if Trump shared classified intel w/ Agalarov between 8/17/16 (his first security briefing) and 1/20/17, it’s Espionage.

From November 2013 on, *all* conversations Trump, then candidate Trump, then President Trump had with Agalarov were legal minefields.

With this news, we now know that *every statement* President Trump has made about his lack of contact with Russian officials is a lie. While attorneys can debate the scope of Agalarov’s agency between 2013 and 2016, that’s immaterial in terms of Trump’s legal liability.

I have NO IDEA why the media, and attorneys in the media, are treating Natalia Veselnitskaya as a Kremlin agent and NOT Emin Agalarov. We have *far* more unimpeachable documentary and testimonial evidence establishing Emin Agalarov as a Kremlin agent than Veselnitskaya. Indeed even if Veselnitskaya WEREN’T a Kremlin agent, the June 9 meeting would STILL have been set up by the Agalarovs–Kremlin agents.

From the standpoint of the Trumps, Manafort, and Kushner, it doesn’t *matter* if Agalarov was legally a “special agent” or an “agent.” The reason is that the Agalarovs’ repeated use as messengers by Putin made them “agents” to all they dealt with, whatever their orders. Trump’s camp had no way to know if the Agalarovs had LIMITED orders from a foreign power, so they had to treat them as GENERAL agents.

I’d encourage other attorneys, in media or not, to check the evidence here, and legal definitions of agency, to confirm what I’ve said. My fellow attorneys will confirm that repeatedly acting as a (known) messenger for the Kremlin makes one a special agent *at minimum*. Even those alleging Trump was entitled to treat Agalarov as only a special agent of the Kremlin would admit that ended August 17, 2016.

I ask those reading this to RETWEET my pinned tweet so we can convince media to discuss Emin Agalarov as an agent of the Kremlin. {end}

Abramson also posted five postscripts to his thread:

  1. Understand the *context* for all this: it is *Russian practice* to use oligarchs as Kremlin agents. Anyone inNatSecwill confirm this.
  2. Media should watch Trump’s interviews regarding his 2013 Moscow trip, in which he ADMITS knowledge Putin uses oligarchs as his agents.
  3. There’s no argument, on the facts or law, that Trump wasn’t obligated to treat (and indeed knew to treat) Agalarov as a Kremlin agent.
  4. The Agalarovs and Trumps can’t legally treat the former’s repeated use as intermediates by a hostile head-of-state as a legal nullity.
  5. Needless to say, Trump also knew Putin gave Aras Agalarov the Order of Honor; Goldstone told Jr. Aras was working with the Kremlin &c.
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