Donald Trump’s 4th Of July Celebration Of Himself – Video

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If you thought Donald Trump cares more for country than he does for himself, look no farther than the video he tweeted to celebrate Independence Day himself.

Instead of a choir singing the “Star Spangled Banner” or “America the Beautiful,” “God Bless the USA,” “Born in the USA,” or any number of popular tunes to celebrate our nation’s birthday, Trump premiered MAGA. Yup. He had a choir singing his campaign slogan over and over and OVER again. The only thing missing were the red baseball caps with the slogan emblazoned on them.

Oh, how the deluded all white and predominantly older choir swayed back and forth, eyes glazed with adoration, opining the virtues of their hero’s slogan that implies America is not great and needs fixing. Well, I have to agree with them there. We do need to fix the mess we find ourselves in. But killing the Affordable Care Act, preventing people from coming into this country simply by virtue of their religion or place of origin, drilling in our national parks, eviscerating the EPA and building a stupid wall that will serve no purpose other than to broadcast to the world what a sorry state we’re in and glorifying a president with a vocabulary of a first grader and who has no interest in anything other than attacking those who don’t agree with him on Twitter isn’t how we’ll fix it.

We are, sadly, in a place where our standing in the world plunges with each new utterance, whether spoken or tweeted, from Donald Trump. We have a president who has made enemies of our closest allies and cozied up to Vladimir Putin. And his base of right wing nutjobs thinks that’s just fine and dandy and will even extol the imagined virtues of Putin.

There is one way to make America great again. It’s to get rid of the cancer that is Trump and all things Trump. It is for people to stand up, speak out and stop saying that both parties are alike. They are not. The Democrats aren’t perfect – far from it – but next to what the Republican Party has become, they look pretty damned good. And there is this: they are our only alternative, at least at this point in time.

Instead of whining about the state of things, people need to understand that they have at their disposal a weapon faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound: the vote. But it’s only powerful if you USE it. In EVERY election. And that means most especially in state elections. In most states, legislatures either set district lines or approve them. In the 2010 rout, Republicans poised themselves to redraw the lines; and now, only a massive turnout of voters can hope to overcome the unfair advantage of extreme partisan gerrymandering. We might get a Democrat in the White House next time around (or maybe not, if Democrats don’t get their act together), but without a competitive Congress, we’ve got bupkis.

And for God’s sake, stop re-litigating the 2016 election. It is OVER. It doesn’t matter if Hillary got more votes. It doesn’t matter if Bernie got skunked by the DNC. None of that matters, other than to learn from mistakes made and move on. The 2016 election is in the rear view mirror, and arguing about it won’t change the outcome. We got Trump. We lost the Senate.  Republicans control nearly 1,000 legislative seats more than they did when Obama took office. That’s what we have to deal with.

There is also this: if you are able, run for office. Run for school board. Run for city council. Run for a seat on your state legislature. Get some experience under your belt. Run for mayor, for governor. Run for Congress. Because sitting around bemoaning the state of things on Facebook isn’t going to get anything done. Only a committed electorate can effect change.

If ever there was a time when I Want My Country Back had more meaning, this is that time. Seize the moment. Otherwise, there will be no independence, only servitude to the master manipulators who have stolen our democracy and have no intention of releasing their grip to the will of the American people.


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