Vicente Fox Hands Donald Trump His A** In A Hilarious Video

Photo credit: YouTube screen capture

To say that Vicente Fox is not a fan of Donald Trump could be construed as a gross understatement.

Former president of Mexico Vicente Fox has made several videos talking directly to Donald Trump and they are hilarious. One of them addresses the claim that Mexico will pay for Trump’s wall. On that issue, Fox was very clear, holding up a sign and saying very clearly “Mexico will not pay (flip sign) for the fucken wall.” You can view the video HERE.

President Fox’s latest asks Trump if he wants to be a hero and advises him on how best to go about it: QUIT. He follows up with some solid advice to the Bloviator In Chief that is certain to be ignored.

I know you don’t want to end the world, but you are a hot-tempered man, Donald, and when it comes to war, it is important to slow down. So I made a list of five questions that I want you to ask yourself before you push the button.

The first question to ask yourself before you start a war: Would you fight in it? Not now, obviously. You’d be useless, unless we get attacked by golf balls. But back when you dodged the Vietnam draft, when bone spurs prevented you from serving your country but not serving on the tennis court. If a war you want to start today isn’t so fucken righteous that a young Donald Trump would have willingly served in it, then don’t send other young people to die in it. Okay?

He goes on to ask his other questions and cites Trump’s BFF in Russia. The video is hard hitting while being very funny to boot! Who knew President Fox had such a cutting sense of humor? Wonder if there’s a slot for him on late night?

Like this? You can check out his other videos on YouTube.

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