Watch Lindsey Graham Grill Trump’s Nominee For FBI Director About Trump Jr’s Russia Meeting

‘Should Trump Jr. have taken that meeting?’ Lindsey Graham pressures FBI director nominee for an answer.

Graham questioned Wray about what the appropriate protocol is, or should be, when a foreign government offers assistance to one candidate in a U.S. election.

When it appeared Wray was dodging the question, an irritated Graham said, “You’re going to be the director of the FBI, pal.”

Text of that exchange:

  • GRAHAM: Should Donald Trump Jr. have taken that meeting?
  • WRAY: Well, senator, I’m hearing for the first time your description of it. I’m not really in a position to speak to it. I gather that special counsel [Robert] Mueller would —
  • GRAHAM: Well, let me ask you this. If I got a call from somebody saying the Russian government wants to help Lindsey Graham get re-elected, they’ve got dirt on Lindsey Graham’s opponent, should I take that meeting?

  • WRAY: I would think you would want to consult with some good legal advisers before you did that.
  • GRAHAM: So the answer is should I call the FBI?
  • WRAY: I think it would be wise to let the FBI —
  • GRAHAM: You’re going to be the director of the FBI, pal. So, here’s what I want you to tell every politician. If you get a call from somebody suggesting that a foreign government wants to help you, by disparaging your opponent, tell us all to call the FBI.
  • WRAY: To the members of this committee, any threat or effort to interfere with our elections from any nation state or any nonstate actor is the kind of thing the FBI would want to know.
  • GRAHAM: All right, I’ll take it we should call you and that’s a great answer.


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