New LPGA Rules Body Shame Women Players

2008 LPGA Championship - Jane Park tee shot 1

In an ironic twist, the LPGA issued new dress rules for female players. The irony lies in the fact that the organization, while imposing strict new dress codes on the fairer sex, decided to hold the tournament at a Trump golf course. Maybe they were afraid of some p*ssy grabbing?

On July 2, LPGA player president Vicki Goetz-Ackerman sent an email to the female golfers on tour to let them know that as of July 17, new rules regarding their attire would take effect. Some call it body shaming. Others call it sl*t shaming.

The rules remind me of my Catholic school days when we were told not to wear sleeveless dresses or blouses because the boys would be able to peek in and get a glimpse of our budding breasts. Or not to wear patent leather shoes because boys would see the reflection of our underwear. Or when, in high school, we had to kneel on the floor to make sure our skirts touched the floor.

Not only are the rules archaic, but they pose a problem to players, who don’t purchase their clothing, but are given the attire by sponsors. If the sponsors get it wrong, the player is penalized to the tune of $1,000 for the first offense and double the amount for each subsequent infraction.

It’s no secret that men are visual creatures, but to suggest that the sight of a woman in a short skirt or with a plunging neckline would incite them to violent sexual behavior does a disservice to men in general. It also suggests that women who dress for comfort on the golf course are purposely flaunting themselves to invite unwanted attention. That, of course, leads to the attitude that “she got what she was asking for.” Is that really what the LPGA wants to project?

Twitter didn’t take kindly to the new LPGA rules.

One Twitter user, in what was a prescient tweet back in April, summed it up quite nicely.


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