What?! Mike Pence Says Leaders Should Be Humble – Just Like Trump

Pence tells students that an effective leader must be humble and exercise self-control – just like Trump. 

Mike Pence was the guest speaker at the National Student Leadership Conference in Chicago. The theme of his speech was basically what it takes to be a good leader. Pence started out his speech by thanking the students for support, and complimenting them by calling them a “distinguished gathering of students from all across America.” After that it was all downhill.

Pence told the students he was bringing greetings from his “friend.” A champion, a champion of big dreams.” He was talking about Trump. (Can you believe?) Pence described Trump as someone who embodies American leadership. “Pence said in order for a leader to be like the president, they must listen, be humble, have a character people respect, work to serve others and learn from other leaders.” What is amazing is that he said this with conviction. Since when does Trump have respect for anyone? For women? No. For immigrants? No. Religious Tolerance? No. Ahhh, yes, Christian Right Fanatics, The KKK, and so on. What other leaders? He dissed most of our allies, and his fave is Putin. So he is Putin’s student?

Vice President Pence shared advice on how to be a leader like Trump, saying a “leader must be humble and exercise self-control.” Yes, like firing the head of the FBI because he doesn’t cave in to your illegal requests, and then going on a Twitter rampage. I am not sure this is such a great role model.

“In a word, I believe we’re living through the restoration of America in its rightful role as leader of the free world. At this very moment, we’re seeing the bold leadership of an American president on the world stage.” Mikey, Obama isn’t President anymore. I think you are a little confused. What we are seeing is a man who changes his mind, lies, and is deceitful. I would not encourage any student to emulate this kind of behavior.

He then turned from Trump to Jesus. I know, the guy is religious, but seriously, the United States was founded on separation of church and state. Pence added “You know, the leader I most try and emulate each and every day said, nearly 2,000 years ago, that He came not to be served but to serve.” Just who are you serving by taking away health insurance from 22 million Americans and giving a tax cut to the poor?

This speech and his lauding of Trump are almost laughable if were not so deplorable. This is a man who is actually trying to distance himself from Trump. According to Newsweek he has been meeting with private donors.

If you are so inclined you can hear the entire boring speech here.

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