Right Wing Pastor Says No One Will Die For Lack Of Health Care – Video

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The depth of the depravity of the right wing knows no bounds. And nowhere is it more on display than the garbage being spewed about health care from right wing Pastor Rick Joyner.

According to Joyner (and the rest of the knotheads in the GOP), the new tactic (delivered straight from the top) about ridding the country of the scourge of Obamacare is to let it fail. After all, nobody will die for lack of health care!

Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page to address the failure of the GOP to pass their disastrous healthcare bill giveaway to the rich.

You don’t want to repeal and replace it? We’ll just have to let it fail. It will fail; it is failing; it is imploding right now. What does that mean? How is it going to work? It’s not going to be clean; it’s going to be messy; it’s going to be trouble. A lot of people are going to lose their health care. But listen, people are not going to die because of it. Anyone who claims that is, to me, they’re just a liar, a deceiver and a manipulator.

One reason is: To be in the health care business, you cannot turn away any emergency. [It’s] federal law, [if] someone comes to the emergency room with an emergency, you have to take care of them whether they’ve got health care or not.

He then goes on to talk about “death squads” in great Britain and how that system is signing “death warrants” for people who can’t get some unnamed procedures.

Talk about liars, deceivers and manipulators! Either that, or the man is obviously an idiot with zero understanding of how emergency rooms work and with zero understanding of how Great Britain’s system works. That system, by the way, saved the life of renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and continues to deliver quality health care to the people of that country. He ignores that Great Britain ranks number 1 in the world for healthcare outcomes, while the U.S. ranks 11.


This so-called man of God willfully ignores the fact that ERs are just for emergencies. An ER is not a health care delivery system. It is an emergency medicine delivery system. They do not treat cancer patients (who will surely die without treatment), nor do they perform dialysis (those patients will also surely die without it). Nor do ER doctors operate on patients with blood clots (like Senator John McCain just experienced). There is a plethora of things that ER doctors don’t do, because they are there to patch people up during an emergency; and then they either send them home or to another part of the hospital for the nuts and bolts care needed to save lives.

But Joyner just doesn’t understand that. Just like the fool in the Oval Office doesn’t understand, nor care to understand. It’s all about dismantling the health care system put in place under a hated black president. That really is it in a nutshell. Racism and bigotry at its finest. So even if you’re white, even if you voted for Donald Trump, you are at risk of dying just to satisfy the bigoted urges of a so-called Commander-in-Chief and the faux religious right (because quite frankly, Jesus would weep) and the cowardly Republicans in Congress.

Those people have to ask themselves: Is my hatred of a black president and the system he put in place to make my life better worth dying for?

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