Trump Blames China For His Problems With North Korea

Trump Blames China For Not Doing Enough To Stop North Korea

Donald Trump thought backslapping Chinese President Xi Jinping and giving him the royal treatment at Mar-a-Lago during the April summit meeting would get the Chinese to do Trump’s dirty work with North Korea. Trump learned the hard way that China is not Trump’s chump.

Unfortunately for Trump, and for the USA, the North Korea problem is not only not going away, it is getting worse. The Atlantic wrote that ‘Despite Trump tweeting in January that North Korea getting a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile “won’t happen” under his presidency, it looks like Kim Jong Un is getting close.’ Monday proved that North Korea’s ICBM launch is almost there.

Trump incorrectly assumed that China would stop or drastically reduce trading with North Korea. Trump in his typical bully way, figured that would bring North Korea to its knees. China not only did not stop trading with North Korea, the trade between the two countries increased 40%. Trump later tweeted “So much for China working with us – but we had to give it a try!”

Trump focused so much on China as being his saving grace for North Korea that he totally blew off China’s unfair trade and investment policies and military buildup. Now, in retaliation, Trump is initiating secondary sanctions against a Chinese bank, a shipping company, and two Chinese officials for money laundering to aid North Korea. These sanctions are deplored by China.

Politico got it right. Trump wanted the Chinese to take steps that Trump could take credit for. China suspended receiving coal from North Korea before Mar-a-Lago in response to the United Nations, and this is not something Trump could claim as his. Unfortunately, Trump cares more about his ego than the welfare of not only the USA, but the world.

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