Trumps ‘Destructive Policies’ Far Worse Than His ‘Stupid Tweets’ – Bernie Sanders

Progressive Firebrand Bernie Sanders says it’s time to redirect attention from Trump’s mindless tweets to exposing him as the fraud he is…

Senator Bernie Sanders says that “Trump needs to be exposed for the fraud he is, not just focusing on his temperament and on his tweets, but on his extremely right-wing policy that is paid for by the Koch brothers and other billionaires.”

In an interview with Morning Joe on MSNBC, Sanders, I-VT., says Trump’s policies are the most destructive in our lifetime, hopes the GOP health care bill can be defeated, and says the US is less divided than people think.

Sanders specifically talked about the healthcare bill being promoted by the GOP that will defund health care for 22 million people while giving tax cuts of 500 billion in tax breaks with 200 billion going to the wealthiest 2% of the population.

The Washington Examiner quoted Sanders  as saying: “I hope that Trump supporters in rural states understand that when he told them during the campaign that he was gonna stand up for working-class people was nothing but a lie.”

Sanders spoke about how he has traveled to Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio (states that voted Trump) to help them understand that Trump is going to destroy their health care.

Sanders also discussed the fact that healthcare will disappear in rural areas if the Republican sponsored bill becomes law, adding that only 12% of Americans support this ugly legislation in the latest polling figures.

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