Trump Polling Numbers Skyrocket – But Only In Russia

Trump’s latest approval ratings are skyrocketing – but not in the United States or Europe. Can you say Russia?! 

The Guardian published an article on Sunday (02 July 2017) titled “How Trump’s Foreign Policy Threatens To Make America Weak Again.”

While the article makes some great points regarding how Trump “talks a tough game – but […] he has alienated allies. And the more he tries to assert US leadership, the less of a leadership role he plays.” However, it’s a list of polling numbers that piqued our interest.

Noting that “It is possible to measure how much Trump has made America weak again,” The Guardian cites a recent poll from the Pew Research Center:

The Pew Research Center surveyed more than 40,000 people in 37 countries this year, examining global attitudes to the US and the president since Barack Obama left office. The numbers are grim reading for anyone but Vladimir Putin. [emphasis added]

Confidence in the US president has collapsed 42 points to just 22%, while favorable views of the country overall have dropped 15 points to 49%. The declines are staggering in European countries… Trump starts his presidency at the low point where George W Bush ended his, after years of cowboy diplomacy and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. [emphasis added]

At this point, we want to briefly review Trump’s numbers in the USA before returning to some staggering figures reported by The Guardian.

NBC News reported the same day [Sunday 02 July 2017] that: “According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, taken in late June, Trump’s overall job approval rating stands at 40 percent approve, 55 percent disapprove.”

To be fair, on Friday [30 June 2017] Rasmussen Reports shows Trump’s daily tracking at 46 percent approval.

Returning to The Guardian’s report regarding international polling, they report that:

There are just two countries registering a rise in confidence since the Obama era ended: Israel and Russia. In Israel, where Obama clashed repeatedly with the Netanyahu government, confidence has risen 7 points, from 49 to 56%: hardly a tidal wave of happiness.

The only country to fully embrace Donald Trump is Mother Russia herself, where confidence has rocketed 42 points, from 11% to 53%. Given the number of Russian immigrants in Israel, the two countries may really reflect only one dynamic: the curious case of Trump’s crush on Moscow. [emphasis added]

Take a minute to let those figures soak in…. Trump is polling 7 points higher in Russia than the most generous polling figures in the USA reflect and roughly 13 percentage points higher than the average among more conventional polling systems.

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