Trump White House Pay Gap Discriminates Against Women Staffers

Women's march against Donald Trump

The pay gap between male and female White House staffers has tripled under Donald Trump.

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank, found that female staffers in Trump’s White House make a median salary of $72,650, while the median salary for male staffers is $115,000.

AEI scholar Mark Perry wrote: “The typical female staffer in Trump’s White House earns 63.2 cents per $1 earned by a typical male staffer.”

That’s nearly 37 percent, over three times the 11 percent gap experienced in Obama’s last year in office and more than double the national pay gap of about 17 percent.

Perry also found that nearly three quarters of the top 23 staff positions in Trump’s White House are held by men. Those positions generally command higher salaries, and that is offered as a possible reason for the radical decrease in female staffers median incomes. It also offers a picture into which gender Trump deems more important/reliable/deserving of higher profile positions. In contrast, the Obama White House had a more evenly divided staff, with 52 percent of men commanding the higher paid positions.

Trump claims that he backs equal pay and, in his February 17 weekly address, said that helping women in the workforce is a priority for his administration.

As president, I am committed to ensuring that women entrepreneurs have equal access to the capital, markets and networks of support that they need, and I mean really need.

And it’s going to happen. This is a priority for my administration. I campaigned on helping women in the workforce, and we are going to deliver on that promise, believe me.

Observation: Whenever you hear Trump say believe me, you can be sure he’s lying.

Despite his statements to the contrary, Trump has once again proven that he’s all talk and no action. It’s also abundantly clear that he harbors a disdain for the female of the species and believes we are too stupid to see it. Yes, there are those women who just love the guy. I call that just another iteration of Battered Wife Syndrome. Because what kind of woman would like/love/vote for a man who brags about sexually assaulting women, who attacks women on a regular basis (Rosie O’Donnell, Megan Kelly, Carly Fiorina, Mika Brzezinski are just a few), who left his wife in the dust as he raced from Air Force One or left her in the car when he greeted the Obamas at the White House? I don’t have an answer to that, but I’m glad I’m not one of them.

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